I'm Ariv Gupta, a guy who just loves building things that help people live smileyer lives emoji

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Is life really too short to live, or do we just not live our short life enough?
Easy to ask, but difficult to answer.
I’d answer the latter.
In our “short lives,” we are often so stuck in reaching for one goal after the other that we associate happiness with success.
We don’t allow ourselves to relish in the in-between.

My goal is to create experiences for the world’s people that help them realize the beauty of the in-between.
To create experiences that bring them happiness.
That help them smile.

I’m a self-diagnosed polymath who loves to run, cook, conversate, dance, write, program, get outdoors, lead, perform, inspire, podcast, sell, build, golf, listen to podcasts, sing, take photos, learn, use cool tech, sleep on time, and do a whole lot of other unrelated things.

But the medium in which I bring the world happiness has little significance.

It’s the impact that counts.

I am an “Incubator of Happiness”.


The Outdoors Club is driven to help improve the lives of high schoolers through the creation of a community that motivates them to take a break from their lives, get outside, and connect with nature. We meet bi-weekly to discuss our experiences and put forth personal goals detailing how many hours we want to attempt to get outside in the next two weeks. We have chapters in schools in the Bay Area and are open to starting in any other High School.
Check out the website above for more information!

Aug 2020 - Present

Founded to curb the dislike currently held by many students towards writing to hopefully help them develop a positive attachment to it. A publication designed to provide a platform to uplift student voices and give them greater confidence and fulfillment in their writing. Writing is necessary everywhere, and our goal is to make it enjoyable.
Currently have ~200 writers, hundreds of readers, and ~10,000 weekly page views.

Dec 2020 - Present

When we hear Speech & Debate, we think of a three word phrase. And that is being unapologetically yourself. We know how it feels to be afraid of speaking, but it should not be that way. So we built a course designed to help students navigate through the fundamentals of the best activity to get them out of their comfort zone, Speech & Debate.
Currently have over 650+ students enrolled in our assortment of courses.

Feb 2021 - Present

As CFO, I help forecast the economic take-in of the non-profit and how we can bring in more support in the future. I help chiefly in the design for fundraising and helps gather donations for the program. I have managed a couple individual volunteers under him at events and know how to optimize each and every person on my teams skills to the benefit of the team.

Jan 2019 - Present

A light-up table I designed using a NeoPixel Matrix sourced from the manufacturer. Currently creating a model connected to a web server allowing users to have family members control the lights on the table and write messages on it from afar. Learned commitment, responsibility, the importance of time, and marketing dos and donts.

Dec 2019 - Present

Founded the Public Speaking Club at my middle school with the vision to bring the gift of Public Speaking to the people who could benefit so much from it... middle schoolers!
Taught over 20 students and received positive feedback from them and their parents!

Apr 2020 - Present
Aug 2018 - Present
James Logan High School
Points of Light
  • Cross Functional Leadership
  • Teamwork / Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Organization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Computational Thinking
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Sales
  • Organisational Productivity
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Business Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Operations